Wellness Tourism finds many seekers in the health-conscious world

September 19, 2022
September 19, 2022IANS - New Delhi

With the pandemic situation under control and the implementation of postponed vacation plans, the demand for wellness has grown exponentially

With the pandemic situation under control and the implementation of postponed vacation plans, the demand for wellness has grown exponentially. The appeal of wellness travel is fueled by the fact that people are more aware of their health than ever before.

Across the nation, hotels and resorts that are dedicated to a creative and all-encompassing approach to wellness are growing healthily. The 'India-genous Travel' poll by Agoda earlier this year found that 37 per cent of travellers wanted to rest and unwind from the hustle and bustle of their daily routines, making wellness one of the top four reasons Indians travel.

A break from the day-to-day grind that is planned with a special wellness focus is increasingly becoming a mindful choice for all those with wanderlust. It can include spa treatments, therapies, healthy eating, culinary events, fitness activities, adventures in nature and educational programs that share ways to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives.

Here are three destinations, situated in different parts of the country that are ideal for one's much-needed wellness vacation.

Captivating escape to nature at the Western Ghats, Maharashtra

Charming and soothing, the stunning Western Ghats region of Maharashtra is perfect for nature lovers and indeed for anyone wishing to get far from the madding crowd. The entire area is known for its canopy of green hills which create a refreshing haven to visit. This picturesque destination offers respite to travellers from sultry weather and exhausting daily routine and thus is an ideal short break getaway.

Spirituality and adventure at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Whether it is the spirituality that you are seeking or adventure, a quaint romantic holiday, or a trip with your gang; Rishikesh offers the best of all the worlds that there are. While the flowing Ganges and its white sand beaches surrounded by the hills lure nature lovers, river rafting, morning Yoga and local food are what attract many to India's yoga capital.

This region is rich in exotic flora and fauna and is well known for eco-tourism and wildlife tourism. Some of the well-known national park sanctuaries in the vicinity are The Corbett, The Rajaji National Park and the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kerala: God's Own Country

Amid lush vegetation and coconut trees, Kerala is the land of wellness. Globally renowned for offering wellness therapies including traditional Ayurveda and Yoga, Kerala never fails to replenish and re-energise travellers' spirits. God's Own Country is often referred to as the birthplace of Ayurveda. The destination takes visitors closer to nature. It is the perfect place where one can actually recuperate from stress and strain.

An equable climate, serene beaches, tranquil stretches of backwaters, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife are the major attractions of this land. Classical art forms, colourful festivals, and exotic cuisine are some of the cultural marvels that await travellers.