Teleperformance New Focus On India Would Create More Job Opportunities

September 4, 2022
- Bijendra Singh - Sahara News Network

Anish Mukker, the new Chief Executive Officer for Teleperformance in India, shares his insights into Teleperformance’s expansion plans in India in an exclusive interview with Bijendra Singh.

• What is the business growth story for TP in India?

20 years ago, when the industry was still in its nascent state, Teleperformance made a strategic decision to concentrate on operations in India. Today, TP India has become the centre of gravity for the company’s transformation solutions and one-office services globally. Now employing 80,000 people, our Indian base has gone from strength to strength, serving over 200 clients at home and abroad, including many Fortune 1000 companies.
With Teleperformance employing a total of 420,000 staff globally, India is now by far the largest arm of the company and it continues to expand at pace. Our employee base is also growing faster than any other region, with our 20% share of the global workforce forecast to grow to 25%. Even in the face of headwinds, Teleperformance is seeing 49% of its international revenue contributed from digital channels, with our digitally integrated business services and intelligent automation solutions in high demand for digitally native companies across retail, financial services, healthcare, and technology verticals. Demand for our TAP (Technology, Analytics and Process Excellence) services has risen 41% in the first half of this year and our International Business Unit is driving growth in sectors such as new economy and e-commerce, winning business from Indian brands and international customers.
Importantly, alongside business growth comes greater opportunity to enact positive change in Indian society. As we’ve expanded, we’ve made concerted efforts to be more gender-smart and hire diverse talent including LGBTQ+ people as well as providing opportunities for disadvantaged communities. 
• What do you intend to achieve as CEO of Teleperformance in India?
As we deepen our digitally integrated business services and transformation solutions, our focus will largely be on high-growth revenue strategies that further increase the company’s nationwide footprint while serving international clients and their end customers from a location of their choice.
India’s contribution to the global economy has moved beyond language skills and labour arbitrage to include vast pools of talent across customer experience, analytics, and technology. As the digital centre of excellence for back-office and transformation solutions, and pioneers in Cloud technology, India will play a strategic role in the growth plans for Teleperformance globally. With our Cloud Campus model, which enables individuals to work from anywhere, we want to become even more indispensable to the Fortune 1000 companies we work with.
To support this growth, Teleperformance in India will be hiring 20,000-25,000 employees over the next 18 months, with a key focus on new hires from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. A majority of new hires will be fresh from college, with an additional 7-8% at senior levels like HR, finance, and training. 
• What is your expansion strategy for TP in India?
As we expect to reach 100,000 employees in the next year and a half, we’ve added to our brick & mortar presence with new sites in Gurgaon, Mohali and Hyderabad.
However, over the last few years we’ve seen the hybrid working model of geographically dispersed but socially connected teams result in improved productivity, so we’re also planning to increase the proportion of employees working from home to 50%.
The Teleperformance Cloud Campus will play a vital role in this transition, providing cutting edge security and access to our Fortune 1000 clients wherever our employees are working from.