International Abhidhamma Divas Celebration Held At Gautam Buddha University

October 9, 2022
- Bijendra Singh - Sahara News Network

To mark the auspicious day when Lord Buddha came back to earth from heaven, the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) in collaboration with Gautam Buddha University (GBU), Greater Noida has organized the International Abhidhamma Divas on the full moon day of Śharada Pūrņimā on 9th October, 2022 at the Gautam Buddha University (GBU), Greater Noida.  

Today we can restore peace, maintain harmony and develop fraternity in the world by following the path Mahatma Buddha has shown us,” said the Chief Minister of UP, Shri Yogi Adityanath, in a written message on the occasion of the International Abhidhamma Divas, celebrated at the Gautam Buddha University (GBU), Greater Noida.

It was at Sankassiya, presently known as Sankisa Basantapur, Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh where the Sakhyamuni descended from the celestial domain of the thirty-three divine beings (Tāvatiṃsa-devaloka).  to Sankassiya after teaching Abhidhamma Pitaka (a basket of ultimate things) to his mother.  

The Chief Guest at event were Dr. Ashin Nanissara (Sitagu Sayadaw), Chancellor, Sitagu International Buddhist Academies, Myanmar.
According to the Theravāda tradition it is believed that this day is blessed as the Buddha had gone to the heaven to teach Abhidhamma Pitaka (a basket of ultimate things) to his mother. The teaching took three months after which Buddha came back to Earth. His followers too mark the three-month time by staying at one place and praying.  It is known as the three-month rainy retreat - Varshavaas or Vassa - for the Buddhist monks and nuns.
The place is documented by the Asokan marker – Asokan Elephant Pillar signifying the importance of the place and of the event. It is noted in the Buddhist texts that after teaching Abhidhamma to the Devas and his mother as witness, he descended here.
Eminent monks from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, ambassadors based in India and other diplomats representing various countries took part in the Abhidhamma Divas celebrations at GBU, NOIDA.