Dalai Lama lauds Kejriwal's happiness curriculum initiative

February 12, 2020
February 12, 2020IANS - Dharamsala

Expressing appreciation of the vibrant democracy that the people of India have enjoyed since the country became independent in August 1947, the Nobel Peace Laureate said: "The people of Delhi will continue to benefit from your able leadership."

"As I mentioned to you on July 2, 2018 when we launched the happiness curriculum for government schools in New Delhi, I have deep admiration for the efforts that you and your government have made towards shaping better, happier human beings with improved values.
"These measures will have a positive impact on children's overall education, as well as helping the poor to fulfil their dreams of improving their lives," the Dalai Lama said in a statement.
"In addition to promoting basic human values and encouraging inter-religious harmony, I am committed to reviving interest in the ancient Indian understanding of the workings of the mind and emotions. I therefore appreciate the Delhi government's initiative to incorporate aspects of inner mental development into the school curriculum.
"Through such initiatives, you are showing a path to the rest of India. This is important, as I believe India is the only country that can successfully combine this ancient knowledge with modern education and ensure that people know how to achieve lasting peace of mind," he added.
The Dalai Lama has lived in India since fleeing his homeland in Tibet in 1959. The Tibetan administration-in-exile is based in Dharamsala town in Himachal Pradesh.