Agriculture land will be give on lease in Uttarakhand

January 23, 2020
January 23, 2020IANS - Dehradun

All the hurdles in getting land on lease for agriculture have been removed in Uttarakhand. A register will be maintained for the government land and tenders will be issued for lease.

With this policy, Uttarkhand has become the first state in the country to do so. Farmers will be subjected to pay rent of the land on which he will cultivate the crop.

A notification has been issued in this regard after a formal approval from the Raj Bhawan.

According to the notification, now any institution, company, firm or self-help group will be able to take land for agriculture on lease in the villages. A maximum of 30 acres of land can be taken on a thirty-year lease. Under special circumstances more land can also be taken on lease.

The government believes that this new policy will give equal opportunity to the people to get government land. This is being clearly arranged in the policy. There will be two benefits of it for the government. The first is that it will be clear at the district level how much government land is available. Second, the revenue of the government will also increase.

Sources in the government say that this policy has been finalised. Churning continues at a high level and the policy can also be placed before the Cabinet.

If there is government land in the vicinity of such land, it can be leased after paying the fee with the permission of the District Magistrate. The government has formulated a land leasing policy in view of the problems faced by the consolidation in the mountain areas.

Revenue Secretary Sushil Kumar said that many orders have been issued at different times from the Supreme Court and the High Court regarding the government land. Based on these instructions, a decision has to be taken at the governance level. The matter is under consideration. Further can be said only after the policy is finalised. Efforts are being made to take a quick decision in this regard.