Parag Agrawal should restore Donald Trump's account: Elon Musk

May 13, 2022
May 13, 2022IANS - San Franciso

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Friday reiterated that Parag Agrawal-led Twitter should restore the account of former US president Donald Trump.

In a tweet, the soon-to-be Twitter boss said: "Even though I think a less divisive candidate would be better in 2024, I still think Trump should be restored to Twitter."
"Don't Diss Information," he posted to his more than 92 million followers.
Musk further said that "Twitter should authenticate all real users and prioritise those replies above unauthenticated users".
Earlier this week, Musk said that he would reverse the Twitter ban on Trump once he takes over the micro-blogging platform.
Speaking at the 'Financial Times Future of the Car' summit, the billionaire said that the ban on him was a "mistake".
"I do think that it was not correct to ban Donald Trump. I think that was a mistake," said Musk who called himself a "free speech absolutist".
The micro-blogging platform had permanently banned Trump after thousands of his supporters violently stormed the Capitol Hill in January last year.
"Banning Trump from Twitter didn't end Trump's voice. It will amplify it among the right and this is why it is morally wrong and flat out stupid," he was quoted as saying.
Trump, however, has decided not to join the micro-blogging site despite Musk buying it, saying "Twitter has become very boring".